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It would make my life if someone giffed the scene from episode 5 of season 2 (Second Opinion) where Kiera is in the bathroom and says “Okay, full psychological health in an hour or less.”

I’ll look at it every day during my lunch break, I promise. And also every time I’m crying in my bathroom, which is way more often than I get to eat lunch at work.

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Favorite Character MemeFive Episodes [4/5]

Taking a Break from All Your Worries 

#although i have to wonder if gaeta wanted baltar to know about the camera #because he’s normally not that obvious about anything #also i want the story about the picture in his rack #and the whole bit with him and adama #it breaks my heart that bill knowingly uses him as a carrot #i want all the fic where bill thinks about gaeta (via)

That an interesting idea! I mean, it’s not like he never screwed up before, but we know he’s capable of doing something like this correctly. And if he did do it on purpose, that would certainly be another impetus for the stabbing. Try to do someone a favor, and they throw your worst mistake back in your face and hit you right in the place it hurts the most. 

(Funny you should mention that picture, because it’s been driving me crazy ever since I first noticed it. I HAVE TO KNOW.)

(As for the part about Bill, truthfully I don’t think he thinks about him much at all.)

I’ve been trying to think about why he would, and I can come up with a few ideas.  Maybe he would want to provoke Gaius to the point where he said something that got the brass to toss him out the airlock.  (I think the pen stabbing was impulsive fury, but he certainly knew before that that he wanted Gaius dead.)  Or there’s a part of him that still cares about Gaius and does want to warn him.  Or he was mad at being made to do this job and fouled it up deliberately, in a silent protest- I remember him looking very angry when he entered the cell.  (I really need to rewatch this episode sometime.)  Or even subconsciously deliberately. 

I also really want to know how Gaius knew for sure about the Eight and what she did.  I want that story so badly.  Because Gaius would know what that would do to Felix, and even as selfish as Gaius can be, I can’t believe he wouldn’t try to warn Felix if he knew about it as it was happening.  I would really love a story (even just a ficlet) of Gaius and the Eight on the basestar before his return, because while he might have suspected, I don’t think he could have known for sure what the Eight was doing on NC.

And the PICTURE!  I know it’s a random prop, and I would bet if asked, someone would say it’s supposed to be Gaeta receiving an award and why the hell are we looking at it so closely?  But I still want the story.  I’ve done the version that the two men in the picture were his dads, but I love any and all versions.  We see so little of Felix’s personal life that that glimpse of his shelf and the contents is just way too tantalizing. 

And yeah, I know Bill doesn’t think about Gaeta.  That’s exactly the problem- Gaeta is a tool to Bill more than a person, and I think he knows it by the end.  My biggest complaint with the post-mutiny plot (Felix wise, because let’s not even start on the babies=love shit) is that no one ever so much as says Gaeta’s name again.  Bill should have been asking himself why a loyal officer turned against him so badly, and the answer was worth listening to, but he just shut the whole thing out entirely.  Which is one of the things that makes me so angry with Bill.  I can still love Laura post-mutiny, partly because she never had any obligation to give a shit about Gaeta or Zarek, but more because she took the mutiny as a wake-up call.  Bill stubbornly ignored it, and that just made me want to shake him.  I want the fix it fic, damn it! :)

Hell, it’s so interesting and true. You know my opinion about it but like we say in France “Bill a fait l’autruche” . Bill has this idea to have a perfect crew without mutiny and opinion. At this time (in season four), he reacts like Cain but not consciously. He takes the decisions he believes to be right and don’t ask the permision of the fleet. I remenber this scene when he asks to Lee to persuade the Quorum to accept the cylons and the scene when he arrests Zarek because the guy pissed him off. Bill is tired and reacts like a military commander. But we all know that it wasn’t the solution.

For Felix, llsmutants is right. Bill doesn’t see him like a good officer but like a scientist. That why Felix is not promote. I love Dee but the way she becomes Lieutenant is partia like Helo when he gained his captain pins. Except his own circle, I think Bill forget the men behind his crew. The mutiny arc is so great because Bill has to face with them and it’s hirt his feelings, his morale. I think he respects the mutineers after that not like militaries like like men with a morale. And I think Bill wants to forget his own “échec”, his own faults. Maybe that the reason he doesn’t want to hear the name of Felix.

I finish. I agree we need a ficlet about this. I mean, I already read fics with Roslin talking to Bill after the mutiny but we don’t have a fic when someone says the mane of Felix or Hoshi talking with Bill before the battle of the Colony.

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