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The Ace of Geeks: The Supernatural Rick Worthy Talks Diversity in Hollywood



It was a gorgeous day, like so many in Los Angeles. However, this past September 23rd was extra special for me. Because I had the honor to have an afternoon coffee at a local West Hollywood Starbucks with the incomparable and immensely talented Rick Worthy. You’ve seen him on shows like: Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Voyager, Castle, Fallen, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, & Grey’s Anatomy just to name a few. When you see him on screen, you can’t help but be drawn in to his every word. Everything he does seems fluid, instinctual, and is delivered by a tidal wave of emotions. I guess it also doesn’t hurt that he is tall, has piercing eyes, and a very “James Earl Jones-like” warm resonating dulcet toned voice. Many would find this intimidating. However, when you meet and speak with him, it’s like speaking with one of your most trusted confidants. Because his energy is so comforting and familial, your guard is immediately down, and you trust him as if you do your best friend. All this wrapped up in a package of one of the most talented actors that television has seen. It’s no mistake that he has been awarded some of the most diverse range of characters, and continues to snag them to this day. And yes, I got to have a one on one chat with him. Check it out…

Rick as Crewman Noah Lessing in a scene from Star Trek:Voyager with Kate Mulgrew

How long have you been acting? 
27 years. I was a dancer before I was an actor. I don’t know if you remember a show called Dance Fever. But I was on the show with my brother around 1986 or 1985. We finished and I went into the theatre, and my brother went into music. He became a DJ.

Your start was in theatre? 
Yes, in Detroit, at the University of Michigan where I graduated. I was basically a theatre and film major, and that was the beginning of everything.

Rick in a scene from Battlestar Galactica

I’m curious, was your family supportive of this choice of occupation?
No. Absolutely not. Ha Ha. I’ll never forget. My mom was, but my dad was like most parents. He’s old-school from the south. So, when I finally had the confidence to tell him, he wanted to protect me of course, as all parents do…which manifested in the form of a 10 minute or so rant. After he left the room, I’ll never forget…I’m almost in tears just thinking about it. Anyway, he left and my mother came back into the room and said, “follow your dreams.”

Whoa. Who would you say are some of your big influences?
Great question. I’ve always had sort of a top ten list of actors (male and female) that I love. When I was getting started…you remember that movie Ragtime? Well, when I saw Howard E. Rollins Jr., I said to myself, ‘I want to do that!’ It was him that made me want to become an actor. To this day, he’s been one of my all time favorites!

(Read the full article for more.)

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I’m not going. All of this is just going to happen again, and again, and again… So I’m getting off this m e r r y - g o - r o u n d.  I’m gonna die here with the bones of my ancestors and it beats the hell out of being out there with Cavil. I’m gonna die in the cold and the dark before Cavil catches up with us.

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NCIS Casts Battlestar Galactica Alum Jamie Bamber as Bishop's Husband


First they cast Stephanie Jacobsen who was in Battlestar Galactica: Razor, now they’ve cast Jamie Bamber from the Battlestar Galactica as well?  I mean, if they want to keep casting from that show, I’d be more than happy to see Katee Sackoff as well.  And anyone else from that show tbh.