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janiemcpants said:

I always thought that dream thing was cheap and didn’t fit with the rest of the episode, and it bugged me. It still does, but this interpretation helps A LOT. I like it.

It really does a LOT to make me okay with a scene that is otherwise so…

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besterbageler a demandé: Based on your last post would you like to join me for a few minutes of crying and internal screaming about Felix's last line of "it stopped" and how this made him a likable person only to be killed two seconds later? I am personally still not over this and never will be.


Sure why not friend let’s have a moment of crying/screaming for Felix Gaeta’s EVERYTHING FOREVER.


I join you! He deserves to be happy with Hoshi and to be respects for what he did. I’m always sad for him, I want to cry everytime I watch The Oath and Blood on the Scales. In my opinion, he is The leader that Adama is looking for. So I cryyyyyyyyy

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Take These Broken Wings (And Learn to Fly) - abluegirl - Battlestar Galactica (2003), Glee [Archive of Our Own]



Written for the Crossovering exchange for my friend llsmutant, this is an alternate-canon Battlestar Galactica fic in which Dee didn’t commit suicide and Gaeta never lead a mutiny.  Instead of landing 150,00 years in the past, Galactica landed on present day earth, and is set during the Glee episode “Original Song”.


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